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Accessible Bathrooms

Tip: Think about the need for grab rails and shower seats in the future and install timber for fixing before lining walls. 

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to walk into your shower without having to step over anything. The ability to get in and out of a shower is something that can become difficult for many people as time goes by. Once considered only as a convenience for those with mobility problems, level entry or “open” showers are now stylish additions to any home.

The vast range of materials that are available today allow for a variety of design concepts that can meet anyone’s tastes. This design allows a greater freedom from other shower types which come in standard sizes and shapes. Choice is dictated only by the customer’s needs and the structural characteristics of the room being renovated. 

Adding a level entry shower is a relatively easy construction project. For a new house simply specify at the design stage so that the correct fall is created in the foundation. When remodeling it is a little trickier as the floor structure has to be reworked to get the necessary fall. With the new innovations in custom trays designed to sit level with the floor it is a breeze. 

A level entry shower can improve accessibility, your quality of life while looking aesthetically pleasing and adding value to your home.