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Vicky Gillespie Mini Interview

Today we caught up with Vicky Gillespie. Vicky becomes your main point of contact when you decide to go ahead with a renovation with us. Planning and managing our builds is a substantial task but Vicky makes it as smooth as possible for our clients.

What’s your favourite part of your job?
I do enjoy seeing the end result of a beautifully finished bathroom, and our clients’ reactions when we are all done, it’s a nice reward for all of the time and effort we put into them.

Going back a step, I also enjoy setting up our building timelines. Planning out a build with all of the different stages coming together in a cohesive timeframe is quite satisfying.

How long have you been with Bay Bathroom?

I have been with Bay Bathroom Design & Build since late 2012, so coming up 8 years.

What is your top design tip when it comes to bathroom and en suite layouts?

You want to be able to walk into your bathroom and have the focal point being a piece of furniture (vanity), a charming bath or a stunning shower. Try not to have the toilet be the first thing you see.