Bay Bathroom Design & Build

Custom Cabinetry

We can design, build and install your custom cabinetry, vanity, laundry, or kitchen.

Have you got a dream vanity in your head but just can’t find it for sale anywhere? We can turn your ideas into reality! Our bespoke and custom cabinetry is made to order, specific to you, in any colour and size that you can think of.

We can supply cabinetry only, or we can remove your existing cabinetry and install the fresh new piece. We do mirror cabinets and tower cabinets to match and a choice of handles.

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We supply; Custom vanities, Custom tower cabinets and mirror cabinets, Laundry cabinetry, Kitchen cabinetry and any other type of cabinetry that you might need.

Choose from Meltica and Lacquered finish with stone top or standard vanity top. The choice is endless for colours and combinations.