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Your bathroom is an area that gets used several times a day. And when your bathroom is looking drab and tired, you would be absolutely dreaming about a fresh new space. Luxurious tiles up the walls, or perhaps a new rustic wood grain vinyl. A new crisp white bath sitting in front of brass in-wall tapware. A brand new glossy shower! Oh, the things you could do with this space!

But where do you even start? What is this process meant to look like? Our team have been doing exactly this for over 20 years. The first place we start is with a site visit. Let’s meet at yours, look at the bathroom and talk about concepts. This initial first stage in your new bathroom involves planning. We will take measurements and find out where you see it going. Perhaps you have no direction and need advice at this stage too. We are here to help with whatever frame you are sitting with in your bathroom renovation.

Our next stage would be pinning down the preferences in your product.

Showers come in many sizes, shapes and finishes. We build many tiled showers, these give you a huge scope of size and design. Tile styles are abundant, and we work with many of the local tile stores in order to lock in your dream tile. We also supply and install many framed and frameless acrylic showers. These can be friendlier on the wallet while still providing that sparkling new bathroom you desire.

Wet area and walk-in showers are options here too. Fully waterproofed and tiled showers are a choice, or we can do a vinyl floor with glossy seratone walls for that contemporary yet easy-clean finish.

We cannot count the amount of showers we have designed, built, and installed. But it would be in the thousands. When we say we are the experts, we mean it. So dream up that stunning shower, meet with us and get the process started.

Baths can be an eye-catching feature in a bathroom. The latest in modern back-to-wall baths are readily available. This style of bath sits elegantly against a feature tiled wall or splashback.

If you have the space, a freestanding bath will present the wow factor for your new bathroom. Couple this with the latest tapware colours and you have got yourself a designer bathroom.

Perhaps you want a more classic drop-in or “cradled” bath where the bath is built into a structure. We will design, build and tile this for you along with plumbing the bath in.

Shower over bath styles are a great space saver. When made with tiled walls, coloured tapware and frameless glass panels they can look just as gorgeous as other bath options. Acrylic liners are available for that fresh white look and can be coupled with moulded or glass shelving (or even a niche). The best bath option for your new bathroom will depend on many things, your layout, your budget and your preference. The best course of action is to get in contact with us and spend time with our designer on really looking at getting these details right for your bathroom renovation.

Vanities come in more colours and sizes than ever before. And that’s just the off-the-shelf options. In the last couple of years, there have been more colours and designs arrive on the market than in the last 10! This completely changes the breadth of opportunities when it comes to bathroom design. Meltica, Ply and Veneer finishes are still popular, and now we have foil wrapped coloured vanities which are elegant and unique.

We also do custom made cabinetry. This is where it gets interesting. Our custom made cabinetry goes into our ensuite and laundry renovations too. The choices here are endless. You have the meltica finishes or you can get this custom painted you any colour you can find on a paint swatch. You can literally match your walls or tiles (if you wanted to!). Pair this with a composite stone top and top mounted basin with tall basin mixer and you have yourself an exquisite vanity.

While these are your three main plumbing fittings that go into a bathroom renovation (Showers, Baths, Vanities), you still have plenty to choose. But we are here to help. Your toilet, tapware, lighting, paint and tile colours, your flooring and trims all need to be selected. Our designer will help you bring everything cohesively together so that not only does it work, but looks absolutely stunning.

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