It’s much more common these days to have the advantageous extra bathroom in your home that is the ensuite. While usually in a more private area of your home, this is a room you probably use more than your main bathroom. You are much more likely to get over any old drab styles, vanities, showers and toilets much quicker. We are renovating just as many ensuites as we are main bathrooms. And the designs are just as beautiful.

The floor area available in your ensuite is not always as big and so design and layout here is a big deal. You are probably looking at a 9×9 shower, a smaller vanity and a toilet. If you are lucky enough, and in a bigger house, you may have a bath and normal sized vanity. Planning your ensuite renovation will take some skill, and we are happy to help with this.

We put a lot of tiled showers into ensuites, so you don’t have to skimp on style in your smaller bathroom. Frameless acrylic showers are another way to go to keep the luxury finish happening right through here. Niches are a great space saver for shelving. Glass shelving installed into the shower also offer a classy finish.

Many acrylic showers have the option of moulded liners which give you sturdy storage in your shower renovation.

Modern toilets are absolutely stunning. Clean and simple, the options for back-to-wall can ease your cleaning woes. Rimless pans with different seat options allow you to customize your look in the ensuite. Overheight toilets are available in the exact same modern look but with just that much higher sitting-height. These are a great option for taller people or those who prefer not to bend so low when utilizing the bathroom.

Mirror Cabinets are a storage saver here especially if you are able to recess this into the wall. We can talk about this on site with you when completing a site visit on our initial consultation. There are plenty of vanity options for ensuite renovations as well, with slim styles that sit closer to the wall, and shorter (400 and 500mm) to give you more space on either side. These come with a storage cupboard so that you still get storage in your ensuite.

Lighting design is important in your bathroom or ensuite renovation. We make this part of our planning and design stages along with your other electrical items. Heated towel rail styles and placements, LED mirrors that you might be considering, and heating and air extraction are all parts of your renovation to consider.

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