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The Most Popular Renovation Questions Answered

What Exactly Do You Do?

We are a full service bathroom renovation company. We will design, plan, project manage and fully complete your bathroom, ensuite or laundry renovation from start to finish. This includes supplying all the product needed, from a big new luxurious bath, right down to the toilet roll holder and fitting new lights.

How Do I Obtain A Renovation Quote?

Simply get in touch with us to tell us about your current situation and what you are wanting out of your bathroom renovation. We will book a site visit, where we come in and have a chat about layouts and design. We will measure your bathroom and start on a quote. In some situations we may be able to give you an estimate before completing a comprehensive quote.

How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost?

The price will be specific to your space, which is why we like to quote to your room measurements and desired fittings. You could do a very nice simple full renovation, or you could go for a full tiled, underfloor heated, and top range fittings. Get in touch for a range of pricing dependent on which level of bathroom you go for.

How Long Before My Build Should I Get In Touch?

A bathroom renovation is an extensive project, so allow plenty of time ahead to allow enough time for quoting, planning and product ordering. A lot of our quoting process covers the planning needed for your bathroom, ensuite, or laundry renovation. Each client has their bathroom individually designed for their taste and their space.

How Long Does A Bathroom Renovation Typically Take?

From strip out to finish, your typical bathroom renovation takes 5-6 weeks. If you are doing two bathrooms, allow 6-7 weeks. Tiled bathrooms take longer than Acrylic shower & Vinyl floor bathrooms. This is a guide and we will create a timeline based on your individual space.

My Bathroom Is A Strange Shape, Or I Have An Unusual Request, Can You Help Me?

Yes, we have been designing and renovating bathrooms for over 20 years. We have renovated all shapes and sizes of bathrooms and we do customized building every day. From custom made showers, to unique lighting situations. We have seen and done it all!

I Want To Renovate Over Specific Dates, Can You Fit Me In Your Schedule?

Provided you contact us with plenty of time ahead, we can renovate over requested dates. We recommend giving 3 months notice for a full bathroom renovation, so we can to allow time for a site visit, quoting, planning, preparation and ordering. We have a busy renovation booking board but have ways to fit people in if we have enough notice in the initial stages.

What Guarantees does Bay Bathroom Design & Build provide?

We stand behind our work, and so you get the Bay Bathroom Workmanship Guarantee alongside any Waterproofing Certification, Electrical Code of Compliance and individual Product Warranties.

Complimentary Design Service

Receive our Design Advice and Product Recommendations with every comprehensive quote. We have 24+ years experience, building thousands of bathrooms, ensuites and laundries across the region.

Can You Renovate Other Parts Of My Home?

We certainly can. Our team is made up of designers, builders and trades so that we can accommodate other renovations within your home. We have renovated bedrooms, lounges and more at the same time as renovating a clients bathroom. If you are needing several areas of your home renovated, we can do this all at once or we can stage it out to suit you. We are also doing hot water cylinder conversions regularly as part of our renovation packages.

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