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Creating an Inclusive Space: Designing Accessible Bathrooms for All

Creating an independent space that offers a sense of style can seem far-fetched when you hear the term “Accessible”. But here at Bay Bathroom we offer full support throughout, to ensure an accessible bathroom that looks stylish in every way, as we object to the thought that accessible bathrooms must be based solely on functionality and comply with a clinical style!

Taking pride in providing innovative, gorgeous designs that prioritize accessibility without overlooking the visual appeal, having fun with different textures, color and products that invite personality into your renovation.

We provide a full renovation service to assist with building any accessible bathroom in your home or commercial premises. From demo to design and installation, we handle all trades ensuring your new wet area meets all necessary requirements with great functionality.

We offer level entry, walk-in showers with vinyl or tiled floors. Frameless glass panels or shower curtains on tracks, with a wide range, the choice is yours.


Seratone consists of a range of pre-finished panels, these panels are complemented by a range of customizable jointing options and colour, allowing for personalized attention to detail within your residential design projects.

Classic Seratone panels are ideal for creating a sleek and polished interior ambiance, On the other hand, Aqua look-alike tiles offer a more contemporary vibe, with a focus on replicating the appearance of natural materials such as stone or marble and are particularly favoured for their ability to bring a modern style to interiors while providing durability and ease of maintenance.


Tiles are available in a wide range of choices to suit different design aspects and individual functional needs, providing anyone looking to renovate with an abundance to choose from. With different layout styles such as herringbone, subway, mosaic, and brick lay, which can be featured or used as a whole design throughout to alternative tile types such as porcelain or natural stone, there is something to suit what you desire.

This is a wall tile product from Laminex, it’s called a Laminam and comes in large sheets

Screeded Floor

Give a smooth and level floor on which to lay your chosen floor finish. The thickness of the screed allows it to take up normal variation in flatness and levelness of the base on which it is laid, creating a gradual fall in the tray so water flows towards the waste drain.

Level Entry Tray

Atlantis provides a wide range of hassle-free shower bases with an Architectural Finish.

An “Architectural Finish” refers to the surface treatment applied to an interior space that serves both functional and attractive purposes. These finishes can include a wide range of materials and techniques that enhance the appearance, texture, durability, and overall feel of the surfaces within your bathroom, a luxurious alternative to tiles in any accessible shower.


Seating in an accessible bathroom environment is important and serves several practical and functional purposes whilst also being versatile. Whether its wall fixed and folding, adjustable or a stylish stool, they can be integrated seamlessly into the shower design to provide the necessary subtle support and comfort you require and enhancing the overall showering experience.

Fold up seating is an option to create more space when you need it – typically available in White or Rimu

Overheight Toilets

Overheight toilets are designed with a higher seated position, this relieves pressure and allows much easier use for the daily lives of those in need of that little extra. Bidet seats are an alternative to the standard, to provide aid and improve hygiene.

This overheight pan was set up with a neat in-wall cistern in one of our Bethlehem Renovations

Grab Rails

Grab rails play a crucial role in promoting safety and independence in the bathroom, offering essential support and stability for users of all ages and abilities. They are an important consideration for creating a safe and accessible bathroom environment to accommodate one in need, grab rails can be included in multiple areas of the bathroom like the shower or toilet wall. Nogging is included in the wall behind the fixture to create a safe, solid structure for everyday use by all.

Accessible bathrooms ought to be stylish and functional, and compliment the look and feel of your home. Let one of our experienced team members help you design yours today.

Written by Ayla Tito for Bay Bathroom Design & Build