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How To Choose The Best Bath For Your Bathroom Space

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There are countless choices that go into a bathroom renovation, but one of the biggest that can affect the overall look and feel of your bathroom, is your bath style. There are an abundance of options these days, so we are going to go through the different types and how they can fit and work for you.

Drop In Bath

A traditional bath choice, the drop in bath is one that sits plumb with the wall behind and/or beside it. The bath has a wooden frame structured around it, which is then waterproofed and tiled for a finished look. This option is a great if you are looking to use tiles as a feature in your bathroom. You can match your bath front and splashback tile to your vanity splashback tile, or even your floor tile and shower tiles. Or, keep the tiles contrasting for a different look. A mosaic strip can be an exciting addition to your tile layout for that extra bit of luxury.

Tile choice here can dramatically change the mood of the room. A dark tile will dramatically deepen the feel of the room. And bright, light choice really opens up a space. A drop in bath is normally 60-80mm shallower than a freestanding bath, which can help you if you have trouble getting in and out of something too deep.

A drop in bath can also fit into a space quite nicely if there is not quite enough room for a decent gap between a wall, shower or vanity for a freestanding bath to go.

Back To Wall Bath

“Back to wall” baths are a fairly new style of bath compared to Drop in and Freestanding bath styles.

You can get them fitting straight back to the wall, or configured to fit a left or right hand corner. They give you the appearance of an almost freestanding bath but without the gap needed between the bath and wall. They can be an easy-to-keep-clean bath option for you if you are after the freestanding look but the convenience and space saving advantages of a back to wall bath.

There are options for the normal white front and some manufacturers offer a black exterior bath as well for a sensational finish.

Freestanding Baths

For the feel of overflowing luxury, the range of freestanding baths is where it’s at. This range of baths can give you anything from heritage stylings to super modern clean cut bliss. Coming in a range of stunning colours, shapes and sizes, the options here are vast.

Price points for freestanding baths start around the back to wall bath price then climb from there. You do need the space in your bathroom to be able to fit one. Our ideal scenario would be that you if you can fit a mop behind the bath then you are good to go. A fully tiled feature wall, even if it is around a window, would be a delightful finishing touch to this type of bath in your bathroom renovation.