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What Decisions Go Into A Bathroom Renovation?

Your overall floor plan layout

A great deal of work goes into a bathroom renovation, and so it would be wise to carefully plan out exactly what you are going to do before you start. Measuring up your bathroom space and doing a floor plan is a good place to start. From here, you will be able to see what size fittings you can put in and where. As a general rule, you can move your shower, vanity, bath and toilet plumbing whether you are on a wooden, chipboard or concrete slab floor. You don’t need to stick to your current bathroom layout if it isn’t working for you. When you strip your fittings out to redo your bathroom it gives you the opportunity to get in behind the wall and underneath the floor to move plumbing to suit. We can help you with floor plan advice and design your entire floor plan if you renovate your bathroom with us.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that for a bathroom renovation; a plumber is required to do most of the work. Surprisingly, it is actually the builder that does a bulk of the renovation. To be fair, there are many trades that are required to put work in to get it done. Keep reading…

Shower, bath, vanity and toilet installation

Your bathroom fittings installation is best done professionally. Showers and baths and all those plumbed items that go into a bathroom renovation aren’t always cheap and so to ensure that they last their lifetime they need to be installed properly. But how do you even choose what fittings to put into your new bathroom? Good quality product doesn’t always have to be expensive. We can help you choose the best product to work for you.

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Waterproofing & Showers

Waterproofing, you may ask what that even is! Waterproofing is quite simple really. It is a liquid and membrane waterproofing system that is required behind tiled shower walls, seratone showers and in wet (level entry) rooms. Basically, we apply waterproofing bandage and liquid coating on top of your villaboard, which is installed after nogging. This system is set up to keep water from penetrating into your wall. Water travels behind tiles and grout and so this gives you peace of mind when it comes to your stunning tiled shower installation.

An acrylic shower doesn’t need waterproofing and there are tonnes of superb shower choices on the market today. From curved to square, large and small, framed and frameless. One style of shower can come in many configurations so you can select the right one for your bathroom.

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Along with your tiled shower, you may wish to tile your flooring, skirts, splashbacks and even walls. Tile pricing is on a spectrum so it really depends what tiles you go for as to what it may cost for your bathroom renovation. It’s best to get these laid professionally to get the most beautiful finish out of your tiles. View tiling layout and styles here.

More flooring options

There are different flooring options for your bathroom renovation at different price points.

You can get gorgeous lino or planking that works for a bathroom space. Floating flooring is a newer option on the market too, with stone based flooring being a water resistant choice that is put down over your current bathroom floor.

Alternatively, if you have an existing wooden floor this may be a top choice to keep it as is, or do some maintenance to bring it up fresh level of finish.

Gibstopping, painting, decorating

It’s not just about the fittings! There may be some gibstopping and painting to do if you have replaced gib in your bathroom. Here you can make your bathroom cool, calm and inviting or fresh bright and happy, or even moody and luxurious. Matching your colours for painted coving, scotias, skirting and window jambs is ideal with a different, styled colour for your walls to make it pop.


Show us the light!… You may be considering some extra lighting in your bathroom. Apart from your standard ceiling light, a light above your vanity is a neat option with some super slimline styles available on the market. Or you may opt for an LED mirror that lights up with just your touch. Choose from cool or warm light to set the tone. See our article; 6 Bathroom Lighting Trends to Transform Your Space.

These are just some of the choices to think about when renovating your bathroom. If you feel like you could benefit from some expert help, get in touch with us for advice and fixed price renovation packages. We can take care of it all!